Dermatology: The Best Kept Secret for Anti-Ageing

Dermatological Procedures

As we get older, we are given subtle reminders that our journey through life is progressing faster than we originally thought. You might find yourself unable to identify with the latest fashion and hair trends and your parents might not be moving about with as much ease as they did when you were young.

These types of reminders come in waves, but the biggest indicator will come from our bodies. From a receding hairline to those dreaded wrinkles that have started to appear, some of us will have spent endless hours searching for the best anti-ageing methods online. And you might have found that dermatology has some of the most effective of anti-ageing solutions.

Dermatology is the branch of medicine that aims to help combat diseases relating to nails, scalp, hair and skin. It is constantly evolving to adapt to new medical challenges. Science has helped to fight against a number of body-related issues that can cause a great deal of discomfort.

Finding a dermatologist as established as the Cranley Clinic will give you a wide variety of different treatments for you to choose from. Find some of the more recent medical procedures that will help slow down the ageing process below.

Freezing Fat with CoolSculpting


Have you ever looked in the mirror and still felt dissatisfied with the reflection of your body? Despite rigorous exercise and a strict diet, a body might still cling onto pockets of stubborn fat. This is where CoolSculpting comes in handy.

CoolSculpting is a procedure that involves freezing fat from your body. This non-medical procedure is able to target fat cells with a cooling method to kill fat cells and over time your time your body will get rid of these dead cells. Although freezing fat on your body sounds dangerous, rest assured that is a fully safe medical procedure.

For more information about CoolSculpting and fat freezing, click here.

Microdermabrasion Treatment

Without a shadow of a doubt, looking after your skin is the most effective strategy for anti-ageing. Skin is your body’s biggest organ. As your body’s outer layer, your skin deals with a lot on a daily basis and this can result in a build-up of dirt, grime and dead cells. This in turn can make you look more tired than you actually are. Microdermabrasion treatment is an easy solution to getting rid of all the build-up on your skin, thus giving your skin a more glowing look.


Thermage Comfort Pulse Technology (Thermage CPT)

Trying to hide those wrinkles, however, is a trickier task. Thermage CPT is a skin tightening procedure that applies advanced radio frequency to help strengthen a protein called collagen that is responsible for keeping your skin firm. Strengthening collagen helps reduce the visibility of wrinkles.

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