If finding the perfect shade of eyebrows was simply a matter of matching our hair color, our beauty lives would be definitely less stressful and easier. So what is it all about? Find out here what colour will suit you the best.

As blondes tend to have a light tone of their skin, they should not pick too dark shades, expecially the black one. It may seem obvious, but sometimes we all happen to see a woman who was not aware of this simple rule.

Hello Darlings! This beautiful blue eyed beauty came in to me for makeup for a movie premiere a couple months ago and we got her all gussied up for it! She was obviously a natural beauty and...:

However, blondes should remember that the colour of the eyebrows should be one or two shades darker than hair or the natural colour of the brows if you want to define them. Dark blondes should pick a light shade of brown. Women with dark hair should go one or two shades lighter than the color of hair on their head.

Emma Watson speaks at the launch of the HeForShe IMPACT 10x10x10 University Parity Report at The United Nations on September 20, 2016 in New York City.:

If you are confused with it or not sure what colour to choose, just go for the natural one.  If you do not remember what is it like, find your old school pictures and see how they looked like before you started to mess with them.

Using a brow mascara will add definition or try using an angled makeup brush to apply an eyeshadow that matches your hair colour. It will help you to fill in and shape your brows.

Modern bride - This is one of my favourite looks for a modern bride. The different components of the look are quite simple, but makes a statement with the bold, rich lip colour which really makes the models eye colour pop. The straight, not over maintained look of the eyebrows also gives the look a modern, contemporary feel as opposed to the very arched, polished eyebrow shape that is mostly seen at the moment.:

Red lips is the perfect going out make-up look. i love to wear my red lips with a white shirt and black jeans and a pair of matching black heels.:

If you are planning on colouring your eyebrows, do not do it with at-home box colour to use on hair, as the peroxides in the at-home colours are usually too strong and intensive for the skin under the brow and eye area. It may end up that you burn the skin, your eyes go red with a burning sensation. Use the products that are predestined for the sensitive eyebrow skin. The best ones to use at home are vegetable dyes, as they are mixed with lower peroxide amounts. The benefits? It stays longer and is safe for the eye area.

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