Everyone has heard that phrase, but how to actually make a perfect eyebrow look on fleek? What may be surprising, it all has started with a joke on Vine, now it is an international makeup phenomenon. If you are a beginner it might all seem a bit complicated, but with those simple steps and a little bit of practice, your eyebrows will instantly become on fleek.

  1. Shaping

The most important thing to do at the very beginning is to find out what is the perfect shape of your brows and how to define that. All you need to perfectly shape your eyebrows is a tweezer and a magnifying mirror. Look precisely where the arc and the tail are, choose a  shape you like and pluck away those hairs that exceed it.  Just be careful with it and do not pluck away too many hairs so the eyebrow line is not too thin.


  1. Pencil’s colour

Crucial step is to choose the right colour of a pencil that will be filling the little gaps and changing the shape of the brows. It is not that hard as it may seem: the easiest way is to choose a pencil that is the same colour as your hair’s. If you want to light up a bit your face, you can go with a one shade lighter, but avoid buying shades that are darker unless you have dim hair.


  1. Filling in

So, now that we have a perfect eyebrow pencil and beautifully shaped brows, we can start with filling in the areas that have less hair. When applying make sure that you are putting the product in the same direction that your eyebrow hair grows in naturally. Thanks to it, you can obtain a better, more natural look. Also, avoid filling in too harshly at the front of the eyebrows as it may end up with a very unnatural look.


  1. Clean up with concealer

At the very end, make sure that all the mistakes and stray hairs are cleaned up. To do so, use a concealer that will provide you with a precise and fresh look. Here the rule with shades is a bit different: use a concealer that is one skintone lighter. It will add an extra highlight under your brows, that will leave everyone speechless.

If you follow those simple tips, your eyebrows will definitely be on fleek within no time.

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